We build homes with character

Design and Architecture Studio
"Kvartalstudio" has an absolutely
new approach to work.

  • We have more than
    10 years of successful work
  • We can implement
    any idea
  • We are a talented and reliable
Each project
is a territory of growth,
and responsibility
for the result.
We understand the importance of solving legal and technical problems alongside with the client, while working on the desired result. During 10 years of work we managed to organize a talented and reliable team of engineers, designers, structural designers and builders (who are also a part of our team). With such a team, we can bring to life any idea.
How we work:
Five simple truths of a great project:
  • Consulting
    We listen to your wishes, consult for free, define the style and make a sketch of the future housing.
  • Sketch
    As soon as you choose what you like, we visualize the sketch you approved, make working documentation, according to which we compile an estimate for all types of work and determine the working budget.
  • Stage-by-stage process
    You do not waste your time and we solve all important issues. You always know how the money is spent and how much, you pay for the work in stages and only after it is completed.
  • Everything is considered
    We create beauty, comfort and joy in the house. We will take care of your sleep and make sure you can wake up easily and not hear your neighbours.
  • Result
    After the budget is approved, the team of construction workers starts to work: constructing for a full due and only under our leadership, meeting the deadline and handing over the object without a single speck of dust.
«Kvartalstudio» | Since 2005,
we do not promise anything,
but only guarantee the result!
The official guarantee is 5 years,
and the unofficial guarantee is even more :)
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